The maximum daytime taxi tariff is up to EUR 0.70 per kilometer. The cost of stepping into a taxi is up to EUR 2.15. Taxis are almost always available by major hotels, shopping centers and train stations.

There are several ways to hail a taxi in Riga: locating one which is parked with its lights in the city, stopping one on the street, or calling one out. When calling out a taxi through a dispatcher, you are guaranteed the best service. It is also possible to call out various types of taxis for various needs, like, for example, a taxi equipped with a baby seat, or a larger taxi if more space is needed. It is also possible to call out a minivan taxi.

Riga has over 40 taxi companies. The most popular can be called out by phone:

  • “Baltic Taxi” +371 2000 8500
  • “Red Cab” +371 8000 1313
  • It is possible to call out a taxi from various companies on tel: +371 8880.
  • The largest taxi companies also offer their services in three languages – Latvian, Russian and English.

Car rental

Various companies offer car rental in Riga International Airport. For more detailed information, please visit the homepages of these companies.

Public transport

Public transport operates between 5:30 and 23:30. Timetables, fares and purchase information are available in Latvian, Russian and English at The web-site also provides information on the price of tickets and where they can be purchased. Even though tickets can be purchased from the driver (EUR 2,00), it is cheaper to purchase an e-ticket at street kiosks and select shops. It is possible to purchase an e-ticks for:

  • One ride EUR 1,15
  • Five rides EUR 5,75
  • Ten rides EUR 10,90
  • Twenty rides EUR 20,70
  • It is also possible to purchase a 24-hour ticket EUR 5,00
  • A three-day ticket EUR 10,00
  • A five-day ticket EUR 15,00
  • Transit bus No 22 operates between Riga International Airport and the city centre.
  • Passengers without a valid ticket are subject to penalty fare of 20 to 50 euros.

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